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Exposition on the functional medicine lens, vis-s-vis conventional medicine 

Tattoo removal

Discussing tattoo removal, mechanism, what clients should expect

Paleo update AIMHI wk 8

Discussing what we've learnt in the last few weeks of Paleo, our trials and tribulations and new frontiers coming up

Types of Paleo

The AIMHI team discuss the different types of Paleo diet for patients to choose from such as Vegan Paleo, Autoimmune Paleo, Primal Paleo, Keto and others

An exploration into why Paleo may be a life style choice for you.  Differences between types of Paleo and how to go Paleo

Agyeman Integrative Medical Health Institute in Burgengary, Australia is hosting a 24-week paleo-thon.  We are going to be doing a 6-month competition to help patients lose weight, improve diet and lifestyle to improve their health.

This is the introduction video for the series.


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